VRLO-8 Virtual Reality London #8 or VRLO-8 was the biggest yet with over 500 people attending and a spanking new logo to show off. For a meetup that only started a few years ago (by the brilliant VR agency REWIND), VRLO is now the biggest meetup in the country. There...

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TechXLR8 2017

As part of London Tech Week the Tech XLR8 expo at the ExCel centre in London took place 13-15th June. I was on the look out to make connections in VR/MR and try anything new. StarVR – http://www.starvr.com/ They had partnered with ZeroLight and were showing off a very...

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VRLO 3.0

On 7th December, I attended VRLO 3.0 in Marble Arch. I was able talk to Xavier Selva, the founder of Trinus and Mária Rakušanová the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Samsung as well as try out the WizDish, Vive with lighthouse controllers and Oculus Rift Crystal...

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Trying out the AuraVisor

During the (successful) Kickstarter campaign for the new wireless and phoneless, virtual reality HMD 'AuraVisor', I met with the Inventor James Talbot for a demo. The device uses a built in QuadHD screen and Android operating system. While similar to a Samsung Gear...

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Nathan Gaydhani is an independent Innovation Consultant based in London, UK.

He advises agencies and AEC companies on Enterprise applications of VR and MR for business innovation.

He regularly attends conferences to talk or research the latest innovations and has spoken to senior members of over 500 leading technology companies.

LinkedIn  |  nathan(at)digitalreality.guru

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