During the (successful) Kickstarter campaign for the new wireless and phoneless, virtual reality HMD ‘AuraVisor’, I met with the Inventor James Talbot for a demo.

The device uses a built in QuadHD screen and Android operating system. While similar to a Samsung Gear with a phone inside, more of the OS can be devoted to VR and hence leads to a better experience.

The screen sits slightly further away than on the GearVR which I found to be more comfortable and reduces the visibility of the lines between pixels (screen door effect).

The device has a built-in controller underneath as well as sim-card slot, HDMI connector and wifi.

Unlike the GearVR, the AuraVisor can run Real3D content, android VR content as well as PC VR content over the screen mirroring app Trinus, which AuraVisor are in partnership with.

On the down-side it does not have access to Oculus content and there are not yet any games specifically written for it to take advantage of its on-board controller.

More: Website, Kickstarter Page


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