As part of London Tech Week the Tech XLR8 expo at the ExCel centre in London took place 13-15th June.

I was on the look out to make connections in VR/MR and try anything new.

They had partnered with ZeroLight and were showing off a very high-quality car configurator in their 210 Degree FOV headset. By chance, their head of Business Development was standing there so I got to chat with him. The headset was surprising slimmer and lighter than I expected and the FOV was superb. The Fresnel lenses did struggle to focus the entire area at once and the 60Hz refresh of the screens was surprisingly flickery. Zero Light use a heavily customised version of Unity but visual quality was stunning mainly due to very complex bodywork shaders.

Optis have created their own game engine that does real-time raytracing and they use it for a lot of automotive and some building work where they can check light levels to 97% accuracy. They call themselves a Virtual Prototype company. They have a whole set of tools that they seem to have created themselves

This is one of the first consumer level 3D 360 camera. It is $995 which is still a lot, but stereoscopic 360 video is 10x better than normal mono 360 video. The stitching was very good and everything looked sharp on a GearVR. It can’t do live streaming just yet.

New VR company started and incubated by Soluis. Martin McDonnell (Chairman) of Soluis is now the CEO of Sublime. What they say… “Sublime is a band of creative pioneers and technology entrepreneurs, dedicated to exploring new digital realities in the world of work.”. 2 main case studies so far here:

Always great to see the Daqri guys. Most of the company it seems had read my previous blog post about their Headset!  I tried the new Smart Glasses which are very similar to the headset in performance but a much better form-factor. I can see these being of great interest in the industrial sector. Unfortunately, the SLAM tracking and frame rate still let it down. For me, good MR relies on both the tracking and frame-rate being very good to keep the virtual content locked in real-world space. The three main issues with MR are:

  1. Form Factor (which the Daqri Smart Glasses and ODG really nail.
  2. Tracking and Frame-rate which the HoloLens really nails.
  3. Field of View which the Meta2 really nails.

No one has managed to combine them all yet.

Other stands I spotted:


Meta had a stand there but they had not showed up.

Kazendi –



London Tech Week 2017 marked the emergence of London’s newest, and biggest, technology expo. TechXLR8 is a festival of technology taking you on a journey, between networks, tech and consumer services.

TechXLR8 brings together the converging tech industries by showcasing 8 leading technology events; 5G World, IoT World Europe, Cloud & DevOps World, Apps World Evolution, VR & AR World, AI & Machine Learning World, Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles Europe and Project Kairos. 


Nathan Gaydhani TechXLR6 2017

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